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We believe it’s important to disconnect our gadgets and reconnect with each other through face-to-face social interactions. Games are a great way to break down barriers and promote camaraderie while having fun in a comfortable and inclusive environment.


Way more fun than I have ever imagined. Very relaxed atmosphere and emphasis on having fun!


Game night was awesome! I wasn’t really sure what to expect but when I found out that we had a mediator it broke the ice for me. John made the night really fun and showed great leadership skills by thinking on his feet and making sure everyone was having fun. Something that I really liked was how he did all the set up and breakdown, which was nice especially after a long day of work. I would definitely do another event with this company!


We all walked away winners thanks to Game Night San Diego!  John turned what could have been a stuffy corporate event into lots of fun for everyone.


John is a blast! In a matter of minutes, our work party went from typical shop-talk to shouts of excitement as people were winning games and having fun.


Sometimes I get nervous for game nights because I am not the most outgoing of personalities, but you made it not only an entertaining night but I felt comfortable and relaxed the whole time! Nothing but a fun time!


I had a great experience at Game Night. It was a very fun bonding experience with co workers. Also educational!


First official event via Meetup and I had a great time. The venue was rad and John is a freaking awesome host.


One of my favorite things in San Diego!


Thanks to John, this was a huge success! His attention to detail and dynamic coordination throughout the event was an awesome team-building experience. Lots of laughter while learning! I suspect we will have more Game Nights in our near future.


I was lucky to find John and he put together a game that was easy to run, interactive and everyone could play.  My family loved it!  John was amazing to work with – had everything I needed plus extras, spent a significant amount of time walking me through the game – making sure I was completely comfortable with how it worked. John went beyond my expectations and would highly recommend him!

It was hilarious, competitive, constructive fun. I was able to enjoy everyone’s company in a way I haven’t yet and as a result felt amazing coming to work this morning and couldn’t wait to talk to everyone about it. Great, laid back fun that had a completely perfect intention that hit the bullseye.

I just want to say thank you again for doing such an incredible job and creating such a fun play atmosphere for us. We all can’t stop raving about you and how great it was. Can’t wait until we can do it again!

Game night is a great way for co-workers to get to have fun and know each other. We had a blast and were laughing the entire time. Thank you John for your enthusiasm!

Every single team member I spoke with shared with me their enjoyment and absolute pleasure from the event. It sincerely deepens the relationships we have with one another and gave us a creative, fun, and refreshing outlet to put our team-skills to work.

From the beginning stages of planning to the tears streaming down my face from laughing during our Game Night, John was an excellent person to work with. The planning process was made SO easy by John’s flexibility and his ability to juggle the entirety of the itinerary. John was so wonderful to work with and it doesn’t hurt that even a week later our staff is still commenting on how much fun was had during our inaugural Game Night. I highly recommend every company has a Game Night for their staffers.

It’s always a great group of friendly people and the organizer does an awesome job!



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